The Hertzstück™ lead sulfide (PbS) detector is a short wave infrared (SWIR) semiconductor sensor for 1 – 3 µm wavelength. Hertzstück™ photodetectors are photoconductors, which means they react to incident IR radiation by changing their electrical resistance.  

For Hertzstück™ PbS detectors we have developed a new, patent pending encapsulation technique: Hertzstück™ is the first bare chip lead salt photoconductor that can be wire-bonded to printed circuit boards. Using this chip-on-board (COB) technology Hertzstück™ enables your devices to be smaller, more flexible and more efficient. 

If your application needs a packaged detector, we also offer Hertzstück™ PbS sensors in TO packages. 

Product overview and datasheets

Exemplary specifications

Operating temperature [°C]-30 to +70
Storage temperature [°C]-55 to +70
Peak sensitivity wavelength λP [µm]2.2
20 % cut-off wavelength λC [µm]2.9
Time constant [µs]200
Dark resistance Rd [MΩ]0.3 to 3.0
Min D* (606 Hz, 1 Hz) [cm·Hz½/W]5 ∙ 1010
Peak D* (606 Hz, 1 Hz) [cm·Hz½/W]1 ∙ 1011

Thin film encapsulation

Active area [mm x mm]Peak responsivity S [V/W]Datasheet
0.5x0.516 ∙ 105PDF
1x18 ∙ 105PDF
2x24 ∙ 105PDF
3x33 ∙ 105PDF
6x61.4 ∙ 105PDF
10x106.0 ∙ 104PDF

Double encapsulation (thin-film and TO)

Active area [mm x mm]Peak responsivity S [V/W]Datasheet
0.5x0.516 ∙ 105PDF
1x18 ∙ 105PDF
2x24 ∙ 105PDF
3x33 ∙ 105PDF

Bare chip solutions

Our encapsulation technology allows Hertzstück™ detectors to be directly wire bonded on printed circuit boards. Bare chip solutions enable small, flexible and very efficient devices. 

We can offer a test kit, a bonded bare chip on a pluggable board, so that you can experience Hertzstück™ in your application. We can also support you in bonding our bare chips. For small volumes we offer in-house bonding and can work closely together with you to find the optimum bond parameters for your application. To learn more about how you can integrate a bare chip detector into your device, get into contact with our engineers.

Transistor Outline (TO) package solutions

Our industry standard TO solutions were designed for automated production and high volume output. TO packages are widely used in the semiconductor industry and commonly found in many optical devices. 

Customized detectors and upcoming products

Are you looking for smaller and bigger sensor sizes, TE cooled photoconductors, linear arrays, detectors with grids, or custom specifications? We are committed to offer the right solution for your IR sensing application. 

Already in our pipeline: Hertzstück™ PbSe detectors for 2 – 5 µm wavelength as bare chip and TO packaged sensors. Get in contact with us and we will inform you as soon as Hertzstück™ PbSe detectors are available.


Applications like moisture detection, gas sensing, spectroscopy, flame control and chemical analysis depend on reliable detection of infrared light. Hertzstück™ offers distinctive advantages for your measurement:

Hertzstück™ offers the right lead salt detectors for your application.